This is the innovative beer-and-pretzel-style-party-game, where you turn your closest friends into benevolent and revengeful ghosts, by literally, scaring them to death, all in the process of making yourself look good. This is FRIGHT, where YOU create the Ghosts, and then watch them haunt you till the end, as either Friend or Foe, depending on your Scare tactics of choice.

With some extremely unique and uncomplicated game mechanics, a warm and inviting theme, tongue-in-cheek humor, wonderfully stylized illustrations that immerse you in our world and a necessary injection of your own demented personality, you have all the makings for a fun-packed & unforgettable evening. From those new to tabletop entertainment to the hard-core Euro gamers, there is enough accessibility, humor, strategy and depth to keep players of all skill-levels happy and invested in the same experience.


Ghosts aren’t real, right?  Time for some actual hands-on education on the subject.  Every neighborhood has one, you know, that old abandoned mansion down the lane that you dared each other to step inside and explore.  Well, now your little party gets to spend the entire night or better yet SURVIVE the night on the inside.  You see, this particular abode has a little something special for the newly initiated ghost-hunter.  The catch?  This one actually IS haunted, and by none other than old man Alabaster, RIP.  He’s a playful spirit now, well, most of the time, but has been known to possesses your dice and toy with you like his own personal plaything.  Can you survive both your friends AND Alabaster, and walk out again the next morning?  Alive is much preferable to worm food.


So pick up those possessed dice, change them as you see fit, put on your Big Kid Pants, say Boo! with creative drama, pick on the living Bully, and pray to be Resurrected by your friendly neighborhood Ghost. You also argue with the living, make alliances as quickly as you break them, and finagle your way to not being six feet under. This is the hectic, fun-filled world of FRIGHT, where no one is ever completely out of the game, and Ghosts have a way of exacting revenge on those that made them.


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