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A love of all forms of gaming, that’s the drive.  I started my career in the early days of the video game industry as a competitive and professional game player and traveling the world on a diet of chasing world records and international competition as part of the original US National Video Game Team (yes, this really existed!).  It was a geeky time and kind of fun to look back at the leap of faith my parents had to have in me to support such a crazy endeavour, and yes I have ‘stories,’ lots of them, from the time when Oingo Boingo ruled the airwaves and arcades ruled the earth.

Since that time, I’ve founded a publishing company to create Electronic Gaming Monthly, worked in LBE, developed arcade, console, PC and mobile games, helped launch the Neo Geo system, worked for Electronic Arts for almost 10 years, and started an sold multiple independent companies as both creative and executive leadership.  Along the way also managed to launch over 30 successful video games (many in the top ten for that year), develop best practices in free-to-play designs, immersed in VR and AR development and even created a new form of family-friendly, tabletop games with the “Fright” franchise.  I still feel it’s a privilege to be working in any form of entertainment these days and an ongoing thrill when someone decides to purchase or play your creation, as they certainly have more reasons not to.

Being involved with any creative process, the business side also has to come into play and help to guide critical decisions all along the journey.  Having built projects and companies with only a few individuals, all the way to managing a team of over 200+, it kind of internalizes a very unique view from indie all the way to large scale, macro development practices and how to succeed at every level in between.

Sharing that accrued knowledge for the benefit of others has been my personal drive for the last few years.  As a simple demonstration of that giving back, I currently teach a graduate level business course on the video game industry at the University of Utah (the #1 video game program in the US), as well as co-founded a non-profit advocacy group called the Utah Digital Entertainment Network (UDEN), to connect, inform and build more a more successful digital entertainment sector here in UT.

During that time I’ve gotten to work with, guide and assist some fantastic groups making amazing products, all with unique visions and business models, by applying whatever special sauce I’ve developed to guide all forms of entertainment towards its necessary finish line.  Click on the Background page for examples of product I’ve brought to market which will also have a list of some of the clients I have been privileged to work with.

Thanks for reading this far and if you have a need with your current production or business, whether strategy, organization, creative or process in general, please reach out; always easy to have a quick chat and see where the conversation goes.  Perhaps there’s something where an extra set of experienced hands and eyes might be of benefit.

It’s all about making fun!

Good Luck and All the Best!

  • Jeff Peters – Founder